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…Where the age of myth, mystery and Fairy tales live on.

Ireland is a land that reaches deep into your heart, a land where magic and love live forever.

Many years ago, in the little village of Aran Islands, a young craftsman was making a pendant for the love of his life.

Declan and Rose where newlywed and the money from the craft where not enough to support the future family. That is why he decided to become a fisherman.

The pendant was beautiful, it had written on < mo chroi > – my darling, as this was the way Declan always called rose and she loved it!

Every time Declan went out fishing, rose was saying a prayer for him to be back safe.

One day, he went fishing and didn’t come back.

It was on a day when the wind lashed and screamed and the waves where crushing mercifully on the cliffs.

Three days past and everyone in the village believed, that Declan was taken by the ocean. Rose knew they were right, but her heart was telling her different. She woke up in the middle of the night with the strange filling. The pendant was shining bright and she could hear Declan’s voice < I am coming home my darling >

Next morning she put on her newest dress, build up the fire and made Declan’s favorite meal. The day was going away ant the night was starting to fall on. As she was about to give up she heard steps outside and moment later Declan was staying at the door with open arms < I am home my darling >…

I could listen this story over and over again….from my grand ma Rose, Declan was my granddad…

They lived together for many years after, sharing the same love and passion and told me no matter what to believe in Magic…